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August 16, 2021

I reluctantly canceled my backyard party today.  I canceled because having a party - regardless of whether or not it’s outside -- is inconsistent with our current climate, per OSHA and the CDC.  Just so you know, I hate this.  I hate the new mandates of wearing masks and reliving the horror of 2020. 

A lot of neighboring hospitals are mandating vaccinations for their staff.  We haven’t (as of Tuesday, August 10, 2021 at 11:40 am) gone to this point yet, but who knows.  I’ve thought a lot about the whole concept of “mandatory vaccinations” in healthcare and my personal motivation for doing this.  I’ve tried to see the reasoning behind this move in several different ways.  

  1. We are the example of “what to do” in health in North Central Iowa.  We have vaccinations that we require before someone is employed here, and we promote vaccinations for children.  We are the stewards of traditional medicine and all that entails.  
  2. We’ve been challenged by the community that if we don’t consistently believe in the vaccine, how can they feel comfortable bringing in their loved ones - their elderly parents or other members of their family that couldn’t get the vaccine for one reason or another?  Shouldn’t we be at a higher standard??
  3. I care about you and I care about this organization.  I don’t want to see you really sick (I know you can still get the virus if you are vaccinated, but you probably … 99.5% … won’t end up in the hospital or dead) and I don’t want the hospital to be without essential clinical staff.  
  4. I want there to be hospital beds available in our hospitals for other-than-covid sick people.  

So me promoting vaccinations isn’t about my ego.  It’s because I love you and I love this organization.  

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