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July 5, 2021

Last year in the deep of the pandemic I thought “just look forward to July of 2021 - things will be back and life will be good”.  I did and it is.  Yes, things have changed.  Yes, we still mask and are more aware of our health … vaccinations, social distancing, etc. … but it’s good.  

The hospital Ragbrai team is getting prepared.  We’re getting our miles in and our camping gear set and all the fun stuff that goes along with coordinating 30 people riding 450-500 miles each for an entire week.  It is totally an act of love this year - this is my definition of “life is good; again”.  

Love.  Quint came and spoke to the Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics leaders last week at our LDI.  What a gift Quint is to healthcare!  He spoke of gratitude and love and accountability.  Specifically on the subject of love - he told us all he loved us.  Being  a normal older Iowa male who hugs only on the side looking away - proclaiming my love for people in general is generally uncomfortable.  

But … but … (deep sigh) … I guess I love all you people*.  A lesson I learned from the pandemic and reflecting on my 25 years here - was this is more than a job for me.  You are my family and this “job” has defined my life.  All of you and the work and dedication you put in every moment of every day - makes my heart swell with pride … and love.  

*don’t hug me.  

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