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Notes from Steve

July 22, 2019

I had this evil cat for 5 months (this was a couple of years ago) and I’d come to work and it looked like I was in a knife fight. He was mean as the devil. I had PTSD from that animal. So, when my friend asked if I would cat sit her 9 year old cat I was told by friends that this is something I needed to do … “to heal”. Fine. I met the cat this week and it is so incredibly mellow. Just this big fluff of hair that sleeps all day. I feel this is a good way for me to get over the trauma from Larry, the evil cat. Sometimes jumping back on the saddle after a traumatic event is the best way to heal.* 


So I’m on RAGBRAI this week. This is one of our employee engagement activities and anyone is welcome to join in the … “fun”. (supposed to be 100 degrees when we start the 450 mile trek, it is enjoyable though …) Every year we see ourselves as ambassadors of the great and mighty Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics. This year we have a bunch of riders from the hospital.** We’re especially excited for Dr. A and his new bike, he finally bit the bullet and retired his 200 pound steel bike from the 70’s.  


During the week, we stay at houses of friends and friends of friends. We usually ride fairly early in the day to escape the heat and wind and hang out at night eating chips, drinking water (or beer or chocolate milk) and listening to music. To me - this is what being part of an amazing organization is all about. Sharing experiences. Whether it’s on a ride across Iowa, or sitting next to a fellow employee at a Cubs game, or walking or lunching with someone you don’t really know; please take a chance to meet, know and experience the amazing people affiliated with ISH. The RAGBRAI experience with ISH has changed my life for the better. (I’m so lucky to have all of you in my life!)


*My niece’s husband had bad experience with sushi. He was violently ill because of some bad fish. My thought is he should jump back into eating raw fish as soon as possible. He doesn’t feel the same way. Hmm.

**Janel Lau, Danielle Bricker, Marc Legge, Dr. Palit, Dr. Ahrendsen, Robyn Paulsen, Abby Young, Chris Medvec, Eric Koerner, David Koerner, Kelly Bentz and yours truly.  

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