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June 3, 2019

Next week I leave for Colorado for a biking tour of the Rockies.  Like RAGBRAI but without oxygen and going up non-stop hills.  “Hey Steve you want to do an ultra-marathon in Death Valley in August 4 years from now??!?” Well, absolutely.  (That’s far enough out that I’d probably agree to anything … which is a problem.)  The problems with my decisions typically pop up closer to the event.  They still have snow out there -- did I think of this?  No.  It’s a bunch of mega athletes who are used to high altitude exercises … didn’t think of this either.  (… long mournful sigh …)

My mad dash at training took me to a trail this weekend and as I was hanging out I talked with this older* guy with dingleberry antennas on his bike helmet.  Somehow I got around to talking about the Rockies trip** and he said “oh, I did that a couple of times about 10 years ago, you’ll be fine.”  We spoke for awhile and he said that he was a good solid rider in Iowa but out there, it was harder; doable but harder.  I really think God put this guy in my path.  He calmed me down and relaxed the feeling of certain death.  I think sometimes we are afforded a glimpse into the possible by the people we come across in life.  I know that we’ve (Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics) been a guiding light for others without our knowledge and when I find out; it’s kind of cool.

Kind of cool.  As I look back on my kind of cool moments in life, they are typically the ones where I go in with no or low expectations.  If I’m excited and try in these moments and everything comes together and fun ensues … these are the memories that become the special moments in my life.  When something shouldn’t be awesome, because it doesn’t fit the stereotype (me running a marathon, small hospitals being ranked the best in the nation) the celebration of success is so much more sweet. 

I guess then … try something unexpected (karaoke, run a race, paint, get a puppy***) and try hard to have fun and be successful.  Your life will expand and you will be rewarded.

*maybe in his 70’s?

**truth - I talk way too much about it. 


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