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June 29, 2020

2020 bites - we can all agree with this.  For me, it’s the fact that all my rides have canceled and being a card carrying hypochondriac, every time I cough I start planning for the worst case scenario but beyond that … I don’t know.  You all know that I’m not a hugger and I really don’t care so much for shaking hands either (you just never know what they touched last).  I also could give a rip for sports and I would rather watch a movie in my own living room than a theater.  And concerts, I hate them … same with malls and places where a lot of people gather.  So, this part of the pandemic works rather well for me.  Just saying.   

I’m also fostering my friend’s cat.  The cat’s name is McKenzie but I call her Bubba.  My friend was visiting in Des Moines this last weekend and didn’t pick up the cat, but … Bubba and I have grown close and I’m fine with her staying.  I feel somehow that she is a pandemic refugee.  The universe decided for some reason that we need to be together.  She helped to cure me from the PTSD I had from an evil cat I had for 5 months a couple of years ago (he bit and scratched me constantly.  I lost a lot of blood and swore off animals for the rest of my life …)

This is it though … this adult pause in my life has forced me to relearn and appreciate life differently.  Obviously with the cat but more importantly, maybe I’ll be hugger after this.  Who knows?*  As we are forced to accept the new normal, perhaps our perceptions will also change.  Maybe I’ll start to eat salads and look forward to concerts and baseball games … *. 

What has changed in your perspective? If this pandemic pause hasn’t forced you to see things differently, look again. 

*probably not

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