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Notes from Steve

May 6, 2019

I’m trying to figure out as whether or not to get a dog.  I’m not asking for advice and you don’t want to give me advice, because I will fully blame you if it doesn’t work out.  Ultimately, this needs to be a decision of my own making.  How does one make a potentially life altering decision?  Sometimes it’s just too easy - like the legions of morons who get chicks and bunnies for their kids on Easter and then and only then do they figure out that they have to keep the animals until they’ve died from old age?  Perhaps I put too much emphasis on the responsibility and work an animal requires?  Dogs are man’s best friends and I have a great support network to help out when I have to travel … and I’ve already picked out a name*.  Guh. 

Why is it that some of our decisions paralyze us and other decisions we make in the snap of a finger?  Buy the house, relationships, big purchases, what to order at dinner, tell the joke … It has to do with confidence.  I know and appreciate my comfort level on my audiences and my purchases.  I can yammer all day on a subject I know and a group of people I’m familiar with.  Give me an unknown subject in front of a crowd of strangers and I will choke (and sweat and stammer).  I’ll buy some stuff - no issues, but a computer or a piece of electronics?  It’ll take days.  One of my sayings when I don’t know something is “I wasn’t born with this information!”  But some people are born with a second sense of how to do things.  They have patience and a quest to learn.  That’s not me - at least with jobs that require tools. 

The world requires that some people are dog owners.  Some are cat owners.  Some don’t have pets but have lovely carpets.  The world requires that a good portion of the population are complete idiots when it comes to electronics so that we can have great IT people, who make our lives livable.  Some people are speakers and some are listeners.  It’s our job to figure out who we are and what our role is … so am I a dog person?  Hmmmmm ….

* Walter

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