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May 20, 2019

Micki said I had non-verbal angst yesterday.  “You looked agitated.”  Trying to figure out where my emotional knots are coming from.  Does everybody get this way?  Some people talk about the need for retail therapy or wine Wednesday (any day of the week) or going for a long run … something to cope.  A good friend once told me that I need to ignore the pings of anxiety - “Stop making up drama and enjoy the moment!”  Easier said than done.  I would like to think in the glorious days of May -- when the trees are blooming and the air smells of lilac and fresh cut grass, we’d be at our finest. 

Every couple of weeks I get the distinct honor and privilege to tell the story of Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics to our new orientees.  I fill my cup back up in the retelling and I remind myself why we are here.  When I am done with my hour of Standards of Behavior and storytelling, I feel good.   If the new group of employees is interactive and engaged, it’s even better.  I think we sometimes take for granted that what we have collectively made here at ISH is nothing short of amazing and unique.  There is this concept called the The Tinkerbell effect* that I think is relative here.  We are good because we believe it (and our quality is outstanding).  Our confidence and compassion are on point because we accept our “awesome-ness” as the gospel truth.  I believe we are the bomb and that makes me feel good.

So back to angst.  “Steve, you’re human, not every day is perfect.”  ok.  I guess if it takes retail therapy or a glass (or three) of wine or a long run to feel alive - that’s fine.  Life isn’t about being perfect and some days are great and some days are filled with pings of anxiety.  Our collective goal should be to more often than not, believe in ourselves and realize that we have pretty awesome lives.  (“Clap, Clap, Clap” - and all is good again.)

*The tinkerbell effect is an expression describing things that are thought to exist only because people believe in them.  Basically by the audience clapping, Tinkerbell was revived.  If only it were that simple.  (the scene in my mind is a bunch of EMT’s standing around a passed out person, clapping them back to health.)

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