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Notes from Steve

April 27, 2017

Last week I was fresh from returning my cat to the ARL (animal rescue league) in Des Moines.  I was full of guilt and regret.  In my ongoing attempt to extract a lesson from absolutely everything that happens to me, good or bad, the lesson I learned was the cat probably was tired of me as well.  Perhaps there was a comparative responsibility – we equally threw in the towel. Sometimes we are so committed to an outcome that we can’t see that life may be requesting or requiring something different. Not everything (by a huge percentage) works out like we want it to.  And when we force it … good things don’t always happen. Ever. 

Recovery.  This is my what’s on my plate for today.  How do I take less of stellar situation and be good with it?  … Without trying to infuse drama or anxiety or needless emotion or coach it to death …  “Steve, isn’t this what you do though?  Kumbaya and group hugs all around until someone passes out from too much love and acceptance??”  Guilty as charged.  A nice “ok” and moving on is a refreshing change and a welcome one as well.  My coach said this was a sign of maturity.  I said it was a sign of recognition that I am exhausting.

I rode my bike last weekend on both Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday, I went through Cumming, Iowa and stopped at the community tap for a beer on the way back.  It was pretty much the only thing in town and it was really cool.  Everyone there seemed liked they were riding on the same trail as I was.  Very cool.  (People who ride bikes with all the gear, the tight shorts, tight shirts, big helmets and gloves … look dorky, and I can say that because I wear all the stuff, and I’m sure I’m one of the biggest dorks out there.  Sad but true.)

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