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Notes from Steve

April 12, 2021

I grew up in Sioux City.   Sioux City is at the bend in the Missouri river and for the life of me when I grew up I had no clue on directions … north, south, east, west, I had no clue.  The whole town felt very diagonal to me.  Now, I can’t imagine life without knowing my directions; but this isn’t the case with everyone.   I’m always confused when someone screws up north from south or right from left.  It doesn’t make sense to me.  

Directions are a priority for me, but I should know they aren’t for everyone.  Some people live their lives in blissful unawareness.  And -- I have to be good with this and this is difficult.  “How can you not know this??”  At some point in my maturity journey, I discovered that I’m not always 100% correct in everything I do and know.  Again, difficult.

Prior to my awakening to the concept of “everybody has a right to their opinion” … my world was angst-filled and rigidly black and white. I remember telling someone that “I’m always right”.  I can honestly say that being flexible, forgiving, and non-judgmental allows me to sleep better at night.  

Just because your opinion or perspective may be different than mine, doesn’t make it wrong.  If we as a society or as a person, consistently accept the things we can’t change, the more peaceful and serene our lives will be.  Not everything is right, but not everything is wrong either.  And, all the time me (Steve) judging your lack of bearing as ridiculous; is wrong.  Directionally challenged people have rights too.

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