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March 7, 2022

I was in Florida at a Studer conference and Chicago at an AHA meeting a couple of weeks ago.  I met amazing people and had fantastic conversations.  Prevailing thoughts from the ISH group were that we were doing a lot of the things that other great hospitals did (I heard and felt the same at my AHA meeting for rural hospitals).  But - we also learned a lot of new things.  Quint talked about the need for refilling our buckets and replenishing our teams.  How do we move past the pandemic and become a new version of whole??

The image that just came to mind regarding this last two years was that society - in healthcare mostly - was participating in a common singular primal scream.  After the incident, as less and less people participate in the communal shrieking … I see them walking back to their lives.  Winston Churchill famously said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.  The trick is to take the silver linings from the cloud of the crisis and spin them into gold.

If you didn’t come away from these last two years with a better appreciation of your family, of your health, of your daily freedoms (thinking masks), of being able to go to restaurant / concert  / church / everything else, without feeling like an infectious pariah - wake up and have some gratitude.  Regardless of your views on Covid, it was a disruption to all of our lives.  Instead of just getting back to normal (whatever that is anyway), let’s get a bigger bucket and re-re-replenish.  Crisis = opportunity!!

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