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March 4, 2019

Blizzard 2019.  I was in Omaha for the funeral of a friend’s son on Friday - was supposed to be there until Sunday but left early Saturday morning because of the impending blizzard.  The friends who stayed were there until Monday and probably later into the week.  The roads were wet and starting to get icy in the afternoon on Saturday … I’m so sorry I missed the funeral but glad I left when I did.  I was talking with Amy this morning and she was saying the police force and others were picking up stranded motorists who didn’t heed the warnings Saturday night and Sunday to stay in.  Not only does not heeding warnings to not travel on the roads put the motorists in danger, when they invariably get stuck, the rescuers are put into danger as well.  Please heed warnings, bad means bad.  

Why do we question warnings and expert opinions?  Why do we think we know better?  I remember when I used to go to the doctor 15 or 20 years ago with a cold or cough, I’d tell them what worked and this is what I want for a medication (even though it was just a cold and I probably didn’t need a strong antibiotic).  Even though, they’d probably give it to me back then, they wouldn’t now because of the problems that too much of this medicine over time can cause.  But I thought (with absolutely no basis of medical intelligence) I was right and if they didn’t give me the meds, I’d find someone who would.  Interstates are closed, but you can always find a road that isn’t closed … it’s dangerous, but they exist.  

Just because we can doesn’t mean we should.  We should heed warnings and understand that people whose job is to tell us the truth, usually do their job to the best of their ability.  If we as a society can’t trust those who are in positions of confidence - politicians, media, medical, legal, police, emergency personnel - then hope doesn’t have a chance.   A civil and well run community needs to have faith in those we put in charge.

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