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Notes from Steve

March 25, 2019

Notes from Steve
Steve Simonin, President & CEO

I went skiing last week in Utah. (beware: rant ahead - I’m becoming the old guy who takes the ball that landed in my yard from the neighborhood kid’s game … and keeps it) I’ve come to the conclusion that my skiing days are over.    
1. For some reason, it now terrifies me.
2. The chance of injury is great and I got hurt so I’m not risking it anymore.   
3. It is cold and expensive. 

So I will focus on other stuff. (Not golf, because I dislike that as well. Primarily because I get worse every time I golf. And it stresses me out completely.) “You got hurt skiing Steve? That’s awful”.  I know, it is awful. The story was - I was atop this high peak in Utah and I was just starting to go down and I was dodging snowboarders (the bane of recreational skiing) and some inexperienced 6 year old skied over my skis thereby distressing me and forcing me to plunge to the ground, damaging my left shoulder. The kid went over to his dad then and looked like he felt bad (which honestly made me feel a little better). I wanted to yell at the dad “do you let him drive the car as well?!?!” - but I didn’t, I just skied away. Lesson: if someone (me included) is not trained appropriately - they’re more apt to harm someone else and then everybody feels bad. *

As I age and evolve I find myself expanding on some activities and becoming more narrow on others. Life should be flexible, always. If we are too strict and confining - our lives become boring. I might not ski or golf much in the future, but I tried (a lot) and that’s good. (It’s like trying new food - to the picky eaters … you are missing out on so many amazing foods in life. At least try the mushroom, brussel sprout, oyster**, tapioca … good stuff.) 

So we are at the beginning of the “new” season. Spring, summer and fall - what can you do to push your boundaries? (We are looking for RAGBRAI participants, FYI.)

*I did have fun with the friends and family that went and some of the skiing didn’t terrify me.
**this is a stretch goal

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