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March 16, 2020

Since this past weekend was beautiful weather I thought I should ride my bike … regardless of the fact there were 25 mph winds from the south.  It’s always great to ride with the wind to your back … it is beyond dreadful the other way.  That’s a lot like life though.  A person I follow talks about riding with the perspective of a person who cares about you having their hand on your back and gently pushing you forward.  Even in the wind - when it is so much harder - if you feel someone is right there and helping you along, no matter the strength of the wind, anything is possible.   

I spoke in orientation yesterday about the story of Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics and the standards.  One of my favorite standards is managing up.  I really love this concept because it is the basically just talking up your coworkers.  The cool thing about Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics is that we are (or strive to be) a big family that cares about each other.  I would like to think that everyone here has everyone else’s back and goes out of our collective way to learn about each other and that we care about each other.  Healthcare in 2020 is only getting harder and the more we stand up and support each other - the easier it will be to withstand the high winds, when push comes to shove.

With the coronavirus and all that is happening in the world of everything, it’s good to keep our heads on straight.  A couple of my upcoming conferences have cancelled and my only advice to you guys is - if you are going on vacation or a conference - the hotel is easy to cancel and not incur fees, not so much on airline travel.  I’m not sure what the next 4-6 months will bring (hopefully nothing) … but hanging out at home and in Iowa isn’t so bad (it could be worse; it could be January 10 not March 10).  Spring is right around the corner and less travel (in my opinion) is never a bad thing.

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