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Notes from Steve

February 4, 2019

I was all excited about RAGBRAI potentially coming through Clarion.  They announced the route January 26th and it’s going south this year which is good as well.  Lots of hills and communities I haven’t see or experienced.  People who saw me after the announcement expressed concern as if I was unhappy.  Listen, it’s a ton of work to host 25,000 people in your community and as much as I would have liked Clarion to host RAGBRAI overnight, I’m not unhappy.  I just wanted us to be welcoming if they were coming through our neighborhood.  

This is our fourth year as the Iowa Specialty Hospitals & Clinics RAGBRAI Team and it gets a little bigger every year.  I encourage every employee to join us for the week or a day or two.  If you have any desire to ride at all, please let us know.  The week is the last full week of July, it’s a southern route and the mileage changes daily from 50 to 80 miles (give or take).  Again, let me know if you would like to ride or help out.

Today the wind chill is 55 degrees below zero.  This is why I am focused on the last week of July.  For kicks and giggles today, I threw a glass of water outside so I could watch it steam.  This is only fun for so long.  My house only got to 64 degrees today.  I’m bundled up in thermal everything.  Later on today, I’ll be folding my summer clothes and dreaming about hot days in July.  

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