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February 11, 2019

I was in Phoenix from Sunday afternoon (my plane was delayed for 7 hours) and got back at midnight Tuesday … then up to Clarion from Des Moines for a meeting Wednesday morning at 7:30.  Let me just say - “thank you!” to those that drive a ways to work.  You brave the conditions and show up.  This is huge - saying this from someone whose knuckles are still white from driving 45 mph on the interstate on ice this morning.  Yikes, you’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din!*

Winter is always tough for me.  Always has been and always will be.  I tell people my favorite day of the year is the last day of February - because tomorrow will be March and also the farthest away from February possible.  (In my humble opinion, leap day is just the extension of an evil joke known as February.)  When I was growing up I associated words with colors and emotions.  February was the month that represented cold and lonely and it was colorless.  If you or your friends or family exhibit any signs of “not great” moods this month, give them a little attention and remind them of spring in one month.  

At the medical staff meeting this morning I was telling Dr. Palit that I was in Phoenix the last couple of days.  He said “Was it warm?”  I said “No, it was in the high 50’s.”  He said “Compared to here, that’s warm”.  You know, he’s right; it’s a matter of perspective.  I should have seen it more as an Iowan and less from the perspective of those in Phoenix - it was warm.  I preach that we all need to take off our perspective lenses and see things objectively - objectively, compared to 15 degrees in Iowa, 59 or 60 degrees was warm.  I missed that opportunity.  (I probably should just go back.)

Choose the lens that makes the most of the situation; look forward to the “springs” of the year and embrace whatever warmth you can find.  

*look it up.

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