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December 30, 2019

On the Monday night before Christmas a bunch of friends who I used to “do” music with got together at the local brewery and did a couple hours of Christmas music.  Micki said that we had the cool vibe of knowing each other’s music styles and actions.  She’s right, we all played together for over a decade and in that time, we grew in confidence and understood each other very well.  Teamwork, synergy, complementary styles. 

I’ve had several meetings with big healthcare systems as of late.  They either want us to affiliate with them (take us over) or wonder why we are so good.  It’s because of teamwork, synergy and complementary styles. We jive on the good stuff and we don’t depend on someone or some system to tell us what to do.  I like this.  I like knowing that we are good and people want to be like us. 

As I look to 2020, I’m curious and intrigued as to what the future will bring, both professionally and personally.  With everything, tweaks and turns will happen and not every little bit of our trip will be filled with sunbeams and glitter bombs.  We’ll have periods next year that will literally suck the life out of us but overall the good will probably outweigh the bad.

Theme your year - choose a word or perspective and stay with it.  Make sure you have fun.  Laugh, enjoy your loved ones, they won’t be around forever.  Don’t have regrets.  Also, don’t dwell over spilt milk.  Get over it.  Clean it up and get yourself another glass.  Move … forward … with purpose.

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