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December 27, 2021

So this is coming out in print a couple of days past Christmas - right now I’m in the full-on throes of non-healthy meal planning right now.  My friend Pam from AZ who is always trying to cook healthy posted a pic of a bowl of lobster bisque (lobster and cream soup … a sure fire way to bring on a full cardiac episode, basically death in a bowl) she just made.  I told her that technically, calories don’t count the week of Christmas - I’m pretty sure this is a law.

Post December feels like a rollercoaster that comes to a full stop at the end of a fast decline and your body is pole vaulted into a vat of cold white nothing-ness.  At least to me it does.  

With all of this anticipated anxiety - I’m planning all sorts of activities.  I’m even contemplating a day of skiing.  In 2019, I was nearly killed by a toddler and declared that my days of skiing were over.*  With the endless loop of covid news and general strife, we need an active and fun January and February. 

This is the week.  Make your plans.  Make them big and audacious, and challenge yourself to go above and beyond and swing for the fences.  Impress your neighbors and shock the kids … 2022 -- Just do it, baby.  

* The story was - I was atop this high peak in Utah and I was just starting to go down, and I was dodging snowboarders (the bane of recreational skiing) and some inexperienced 6 year old skied over my skis thereby distressing me and forcing me to plunge to the ground, damaging my left shoulder.  The kid went over to his dad then and looked like he felt bad (which honestly made me feel a little better).  I wanted to yell at the dad “do you let him drive the car as well?!?!”  

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