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December 23, 2019

This week is Christmas.  For some reason, the spirit of “bah-humbug-ness” that usually pervades my space and affects all that I do, feel and how I react is absent this year.  I jumped really hard into the Christmas spirit by visiting Manhattan this past weekend.  I did the Rockettes Holiday Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall with my friend Robin.  She and I (and literally millions of others) enjoyed the splendor that is Times Square over the holidays.  This last Saturday was also Santa-con in all of Manhattan where about 100,000 people dress as Santa and drink alcohol for about 16 hours straight.  Nothing says Christmas joy like seeing  a bunch of drunk and belligerent Santa’s slugging it out on Broadway.  Go baby Jesus!!!

I have a lot of friends who aren’t in the Christmas spirit.  They have had yucky stuff going on and the holidays are not the best time of year this year.  Yep, I get it - I’ve gone through times like that as well.  If you or someone you know is not Kris Kringle festive, that’s all right.  Give them a little space, maybe some spiced nog, a hug and let them get through it.  Soon it will be January and February and we’ll all have something to cry about.  (60 days of below zero temps and feet of snow … joy)

My friend Robin told me* that I was bragging on the hospital too much.  “I know you love your employees and are proud of your success, but talk about something else.”  (Meh … buzzkill)  You guys collectively are the best gift I can think of.  When I “brag” on Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics - it’s because we are doing things that make us stand out and be amazing - what we do in north central Iowa is unparalleled and admired throughout the country.  Thank you for this gift and Merry Christmas!!

*bless her heart

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