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Notes from Steve

December 19, 2022

There was a study years ago that said the average weight gain between Thanksgiving and Christmas is around 8 pounds.  I don’t think I hit that mark in the last couple of years, so I’m trying hard this year to make up for lost effort.  Geez .. seriously, I have been eating nonstop.  I was going to find someone to blame but really; it’s me.  I’m seriously not even hungry (bordering on full) when my “evil hunger Steve” tells me to eat.  ((I picture an exorcism of this in January when I finally have no clothes that fit.  Instead of holy water and casting of devil - it’ll be excessive sweat and casting of the Doritos.  Stay tuned.))

Next year - dang - 2023??  How did that happen?  I have big plans for the upcoming year -- for everything in my life.  My 40th class reunion is next summer, and I’ve seen some of my classmates on Facebook settling into their “grandma/grandpa” years with groans and sighs and an acceptance of a sedentary old person life.  Well - that’s not my plan.  I will rock it (this I vow).  I don’t know what that means -- but I have 6 months to change everything.  

“Steve - change everything?  Surely you have some good stuff going on … right?”  Ok.  I’ll enhance the good stuff and change the bad habits.  It’s something I say every year (as we all do), but life requires us to continually move in positive directions.  Just because something worked before is no guarantee that it’ll continue to work.  Change is the only constant in life, and if it means shaking off the stink of the path you are leading (mine - shoving food in my piehole and bingeing Netflix and tiktok) then so be it.  

To the next year and beyond!!!

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