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Notes from Steve

December 16, 2019

I did orientation this week and afterwards I talked with Amy about our Standards of Behavior. I said "I really hope my enthusiasm, and the culture I describe, is what the new employees see when go to their new jobs after orientation. If it isn't, why would you believe anything I said?" After some discussion, we agreed that it isn't always a guarantee, but for the most part we have a great culture. Do we have opportunities? Absolutely, but we’re also committed to fixing our issues and problems.

I say this because I see a lot of businesses and communities and organizations that - instead of going at problems straight on - ignore and avoid long standing issues, in my opinion because it's easier.

There is always drama and discussion of what could and should be, but until we are all prepared to step up to go towards the fires straight on ... discuss concerning issues as they arise ... we won't change. Heroes run into the fire, others run away. This is what makes ISH different, were made up of heroes.

(This isn't based on anything except my own insecurities and paranoia. I really just want this to be the best place ever to work, provide care and receive care - same as always.)

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