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December 13, 2021

(I always play music when I write these and I chose Christmas Jazz.  I recognized the song I was listening to … it was “The Lady is a Tramp”.  I thought “well that’s not appropriate” -- I forgot to put in the Christmas part; it was just raw jazz music.  The tramp song just didn’t put me in the mood.)

I told a group at lunch that I have yet to put up my Christmas tree.  “You mean drag the completely decorated tree upstairs and plug it in?” said Micki.  Yes, yes that’s what I meant.  Even though it feels like December just started, I’m reminded by many daily that I am completely behind the curve.  With this in mind, I’ve decided that my Christmas may take a different look this year. This year instead of just writing checks for gifts -- I’m thinking I may actually buy gifts people would appreciate.  

Gift giving in 2021 is different than it was years ago when I was a kid when anything (with the obvious exception of clothes … underwear) was accepted as the “best ever!”  Gift giving is now an art.  It requires close attention to “likes” and “dislikes”.  In most cases, it requires intense scrutiny and observation - this is not a talent of mine.  It is a quest … I will do my best.

((just for the record, how times have changed.  When I was 8, underwear was the worst gift possible.  Now?  A good pair of socks is close to heaven.))

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