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December 6, 2021

I was in New York this week delivering my friend’s cat that I fostered for the last two and a half years.  I did conference calls from Central Park and zoomed meetings from my friend’s basement office.  I’m now without a cat (don’t anyone think of giving me one) and my life is once again free and clear.  I thought I’d be sadder but before I left, Cheryl was guilt forced into buying a rotisserie chicken to feed the cat - so I’m comfortable she (the cat) will be good.  When people asked about my potential “sadness” about losing the cat I told them “she went home, she’s not dead.”

The lesson I’m attempting to wreak from this situation is 1. I’m wonderful for helping out my friend 2. I had a covid companion that gave me a lot of love and friendship (the cat) and 3. “babysitting” is doable as long as the kid/cat/whatever goes home.  (I also feel no guilt for only feeding her store bought chicken - none.)

On a different note (… go home and hug your family …)

A very close friend, from my Sioux City days, has twins who were in that Michigan high school that had the school shooting this week.  Her son was home sick that day, but her daughter was in a classroom that had barricaded the door and a bullet came through the door.  My heart sank for her and her family.  It’s one thing to read this in the news; it’s another to know people who’ve gone through this. That whole community is in mourning.  Sigh. 

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