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December 2, 2019

It’s officially (unofficially) winter - per the blizzard last night.  And it’s not welcome.  And it’s sloppy and dangerous and not fair.  (“stomp stomp stomp”)  The only thing good about this time of winter is that most people hate it, and I love to commiserate with others, so this is a bonus.

In celebration of all things winter - snow, ice and freezing temperatures: I’ve consumed 10 cookies in the past 24 hours (surgery bake sale). And since I’m growing a beard* which is coming in white - the more cookies I eat, the more I look like Santa.  That’s good? Right?

We had the raffle today.  Wow, the sales were fantastic, and we would have made $1500 for the employee hardship fund but the cash raffle winner, Brad Robson - a board member for Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics – Belmond, donated his winnings back to the hardship.  WOW AND YAY!!!!  When we started the employee hardship fund +/- 10 years ago - we never thought it would be used as much as it has been.  Broken appliances, heating bills, and other concerns that need some assistance have been helped by the generosity of this account, which is funded by you guys.  Raffles, bake sales, favorite things auction, etc, etc … You all take care of each other and wow, this is so cool!  In this season of gratitude and thanksgiving, I take special pride in working here.  I’m a lucky guy.

*which by the way, no one has commented on.  I think people feel that if they are ignoring my pseudo beard it’ll just go away.  Because of this, I plan on never shaving again.  FYI.

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