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November 4, 2019

I broke my friend’s cat (she’s 9 which is like 55 in human years) that I’m cat-sitting for 5 months while my friend is in Thailand.  By broke, I mean the cat (her name is McKenzie, I call her Fred) was trained to use a cat box that she had to climb into.  Well, we decided that was stupid so she is using 2 big litter boxes I had.  And she only ate prescription dry cat food until she discovered rotisserie chicken … now that is the only thing she will eat.  And before I leave for work every day I put 90 minutes of bird videos on the big screen TV.  (It’s a good thing I don’t have kids - they’d be 400 pounds by age 3 and addicted to Netflix … and probably be in diapers long after it’s acceptable.) Fred is living her best life; by my definition. 

I turned 55 on Monday.  My friend wished me a happy 56th birthday.  I wanted to lie down and cry.  Dr. Li told me 55 is the new 30 - I told him that was a lie perpetuated by Oprah to rationalize her age.  Aging blows.  I am trying to be good; working out like crazy, watching my diet (not doing anything about it, but I am aware of what I am eating) and attempting to sleep a lot.  The prevailing thought with all my friends of the same age is to embrace it - but I’m going against that advice.  I’m going to ignore the pain in my joints, really try and remember stuff, challenge my aging body to try new things … *

Age is just a number.  Like my broken cat - I’m trying to live my best life.  This next year I’m going for it.  Pushing the proverbial envelope.  Running hard and dancing like no-one is watching.  Singing loud all the time.  Tattoos, bowties, jay walking -- woo hoo!!!  My life will be like a circus. 

Because of my new outlook I’m strongly encouraging you to join me in this year of all around your best life wellness.  Physical, mental, emotional … the whole kielbasa.  You, though, do you.  (as in - you don’t have to jaywalk and wear bowties - do things that make you happy!  Whatever, whenever and however.)

*A guy goes into the doctor and says nervously “I’m 70 now - I want to live to 80.  Am I doing the right things?” Doc says “Tell me about your habits - do you drink? Eat healthy? Have any vices?”  The guy says “No, I’m a vegan, I don’t drink or smoke or have any bad habits.  I don’t participate in any potentially dangerous activities, and I try and avoid all situations with crowds where I might pick up a germ.”  The doc says “You’ll probably live to 80 but why would you want to?”

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