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Notes from Steve

November 7, 2022

I’ve had this cough for about a month.  Now, it’s evolved into just a “small back of the throat” tickle.  I’m not one to use cough drops though I may start … it’s bothersome.  I further think the dry air and dust have a lot to doPicture of TV Character, Blippi and Chris Medvec dressed as Blippi for Halloween with it.  I sound like an Eeyore “hrrumphing” all the time … (“in assumed protest - Steve continually cleared his throat”).  It’s just the dry fall weather; I’m not bothered (usually).

I felt bad last night - it was Halloween.  I only bought 140 big boxes of movie candy and was out of candy shortly after 6 PM. (I had hot tamales, but kids don’t like hot tamales.  I had one kid who came up and looked at my “offerings” and left dejected.)  I used to have a lot less kids -- but the word got out that I had “big” candy, and that’s all she wrote.  I bought the Belmond and Clarion Dollar General stores out of their big candy -- they didn’t have enough though.  Next year - I will have 250 big boxes of the weird stuff that kids like (Ike and Mike’s and all sorts of sour candys; blech).  

Chris Medvec dressed up like Blippi for Halloween.  Kids would get their pictures with him and were so excited (or completed freaked out).  A couple of kids questioned his “realness” … “you don’t sound like Blippi” one kid said*.  It’s always good if you are an old coughing guy sitting in your lawn chair handing out candy to kids to have a celebrity with you.  

*I had no idea what this Blippi character sounded like so I googled him.  Blippi sounds like he’s been sucking on helium and is very hyper.  It’s good that Chris just dresses like him.

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