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November 22, 2021

I asked my book club members if the book they were reading colored their mood.  “Yes” they said, “So does the movie you just watched or the Netflix series you are bingeing”.  Someone I follow on Twitter posted today “what’s the saddest movie you ever saw?”.  Lots of people replied with their saddest movies … made me sad just looking at the titles.  I want to read just happy stuff and see “feel good” movies … I don’t want to look at stuff that depresses me.  

Unfortunately, real life tragedy and sadness are a part of life.  It’s almost impossible to surround yourself only with happy and joy - and if you can it will probably cause some sort of psychosis.  But it sounds so nice.

Right now, I’m drinking strong coffee and eating a chocolate bar.  In the absence of happy (I binged a sad series this past weekend) and the virtual disappearance of the sun, this suffices.  So … in order to battle the upcoming holiday dreads, and then January and February (which are just cruel jokes in the upper Midwest) -- I’m planning lots of good stuff.  

My happy times are going to be plenty next year.  I just registered for Ragbrai.  I had a discussion with Dr. Palit about the Colorado ride.  I’ve got other things in the works.  My book list will include “laugh out loud” literature.  I fully plan on having full-on swells of gut-busting laughter whenever possible.  Life is just way too short to infuse additional sadness.

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