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November 21, 2022

Steve and his nephew Tim on a "tweed" bike ride.My nephew, Tim, and I did the Des Moines Tweed Ride in Des Moines this last Sunday.  It was cold, but the ride was very short so it was doable.  A bunch of tweed wearing folk showed up, and we drank beer and raised money for Dogs for Vets (or something like that).  There is this thing called FOMO (“fear of missing out”) and I’ve decided - in order to live life without regrets - I need to do the “tweed rides”.  It is important.  Plus, I have more tweed than any normal person should own, so ….

This morning (11/15/22) we woke up to snow.  My first inclination was to go back to bed until mid-March, but I was invited to attend a breakfast where bacon and biscuits/gravy were to be served so I drug myself up and out of bed.  You want me to go to something?  Bacon works.  Or milk duds.  (I’m not that complicated.)  I’m so glad I went - it was a great breakfast with really nice company.  FOMO should include a glimpse of how you will feel if you don’t participate - like working out.  I never look forward to getting ready and starting a workout, but after?  I feel great and I usually never regret it.  If I had FOMO with additional knowledge of regret if I don’t participate - I’d do more stuff.

This is my new goal.  To try and understand how I will feel when I “go back to bed because it’s snowing” and miss out on bacon. Life has way more opportunities (bacon) just waiting, and if we don’t take advantage … it’ll be too late - regrets, opportunity lost, or worse.  

FOMO - it’s a real thing.

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