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November 11, 2019

The concept of wants versus needs has been resting on my mind.  Sometimes, my “wants” are truly “needs” and vice versa. As in “I need Doritos because I need Doritos” or “I want to exercise but I just never have the time”.  I’ve always said don’t prioritize your schedule but rather schedule your priorities.  If you want to exercise; just do it - get up earlier or go over lunch or go after work.   Dad always said “if you need an excuse, you’ll find one”.  Making statements is easy, doing stuff is hard. 

I was complaining to a friend that I would like to find a group of bikers in Des Moines that would push me and force me to ride hard.  “Then do it”, she said “or maybe you just like to push others to make yourself look better”.  Well (pause).  That’s partially true but I would really like to be pushed to be better as well*.  Same thing with playing music and leadership and everything I do - if I want to be better or be challenged then I need to find people to challenge me.  This is hard for me though, because it will force me to be vulnerable - and I don’t like being vulnerable.  (My friend Kris from high school ran the Coca Cola 10K in Sioux City this past weekend.  I ran in it 15 years ago and I was in last place and they were packing up the tables when I finally came in.  That was not a good feeling. Vulnerability for me sucks.  Back then my solution was to stop running in races.)

Want … Need.  My coach says “don’t use the words ‘should’ or ‘just’.  Make declarative statements and then follow through.”  What are your wants?  Are they possible and if they are, what’s holding you back?  Do you want to vacation on a beach in February … do it.  (maybe it’ll take scrimping on something else, but if you really want it, then do it.) You want to lose weight?  There’s a fairly good chance you’re making your food choices, it’s up to you.  Make your wants into needs.  The day is yours, seize it.

*Drs. Palit and Bose, and Chris Medvec and Chris’s fiancée Kristi, rode like the wind on RAGBRAI.  They’re crazy fast. They left on Wednesday of RAGBRAI.  “Whew” is all I could say. 

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