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November 1, 2021

Last week was my 57th birthday week.  It was also board meeting week. I did an hour podcast, I got my booster shot (and felt dreadful the next day), and went crazy a little bit.  I did a first draft of this article last week, and I blasted this last year - my 56th year - and said it was the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year and then on Thursday my birthday came.  The crew threw a potluck, forced me to wear a crown, made me smile … then I got a ton of love from my friends on social media.  Then I reflected.  (… long deep sigh …)

I thought because the world was in chaos because of politics and all things covid (masks/social distancing) that my world was bad as well.  I rode pretty much every weekend and smiled like an idiot every time because I was having so much fun; a lot of the rides included friends from all different areas of my life … I shared great casual times with old friends, laughing until I couldn’t breathe … Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics had an amazing year… I meditated every day for the last year … I fostered a fantastic cat that’s going back to her family at the end of November …

On Facebook in the birthday wishes -- a couple of friends said they admired the “space” I am in and hoped to be in that same space soon.  The start of my week had me thinking that this last year was completely dreadful and I was unlucky and “poor me” … and then I reflected.  I discovered gratitude for what I received.  I thought about what a really bad year would look like, and I am damn lucky. 

So, my life is awesome.  Thanks for helping remind me.

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