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October 21, 2019

There was a world famous* strip joint in the town** next to the town (Scotland, SD) where I ran my first hospital.  I asked my assistant Judy if she’d ever been there.  “Yes, I went the night the monkey died”.  (How could I not ask?)  “What monkey?” I asked.  She said she was at a wedding dance across the street so she and some church friends wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  She went over and there was a stripper there with what looked like a baby.  She was cradling it next to her chest because it was ill and Judy, the consummate grandmother, went to look at “the baby” and saw a monkey staring up at her.  The stripper told her she danced with it.  Judy was understandably flabbergasted.  Was it the type of business Judy and I thought should be in a little town?  No … but … what are you going to do?

I think the more abnormal life appears to be, the more normal it becomes.  I find myself saying “ok period” more and more.  It’s a nod to “well I’m probably not going to change your mind so I’m not going to waste my energy on battles I’m not going to win”.  

“What” in these times of turmoil is worth fighting for?  If I can help someone change their life for the better, the fight is worth it.  If I can help someone not hurt or be hurt, the fight is worth it.  If the fight is about protecting my ego or opinion then it probably isn’t worth it.  Today, there are so many fights that just beg us to have a strong opinion - politics, religion, millennials vs. boomers, gun rights … etc.  But (long pause) if, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really affect me or how I live my life, should I add my two cents?? 

* Supposedly, it was in People Magazine in the 70’s or 80’s.  
*1994, Lesterville, South Dakota (population 127) - not sure if the strip joint is still there.  The back part of it burned down, they still danced up front on the pool tables.  I have personally never been.

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