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Notes from Steve

October 17, 2022

I watered my mums in the dark of night last night (granted it was 8:15, but it was dark out).  Mums intrigue me.  They are perfect and the colors are fantastic … so making them die from thirst is not very nice.  I didn’t grow up hunting - so killing anything (except flies and crickets … actually, most all bugs and mice and other vermin) is tough for me.  There are snakes on the bike trails, and I will do anything to avoid running them over. (Primarily because a good friend of mine was biking once and rode over a snake, and it got caught in her bike spokes and was flopping upside her leg.  The thought of this horrifies me and keeps me up at night.)

Turkey on a fence that Steve rides by on his bike.Since I got prescription sunglasses, my life - even though I can see more things - is way more difficult.  I tell the story of when I used to pass this turkey on the trestle trail north of Ankeny sitting on a fence post.  I was amazed and told a lot of people about this turkey.  I figured that was his perch, and he really liked sitting there*.  After I got my prescription sunglasses, I figured out that it was fake.  And a fairly noticeable fake.  I now have to recognize and appreciate things I couldn’t see before - like snakes and flowers needing water … and fake turkeys.

Ignorance sometimes is bliss, but more often than not - it’s embarrassing.  Just because I couldn’t see the turkey was fake or I just ran over a frog, doesn’t excuse me from not knowing.  It’s sometimes work to become educated or focused … but if saves a life or saves you from potential massive embarrassment - it's worth the effort.  

*I even posed for pictures next to it and told strangers on the bike trail about this amazing turkey.  Sigh.   

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