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January 21, 2019

I live in fear that as I age my remaining days will be spent bumbling around looking for my keys or something like that.  I know that there are all sorts of tactics and stuff one can use to exercise the brain, but I think I might be just as successful with writing myself notes.  I told Amy the other night as we were coming back from a meeting in Des Moines - in an ice storm - that I typically don’t lose sleep over a work related crisis. Then for the last two nights I didn’t sleep well thinking about other stuff.  Probably, I need to try meditating prior to sleep to exorcise the demons that keep me from blissful slumber.  (So from this I think it’s not early dementia but rather lack of sleep that is impacting my brain.  I’m good with this.)

Arianna Huffington wrote a book in the last couple of years on the importance of a good night sleep.  Basically, your life is affected in a big way if you don’t have quality sleep, she says.  I know people will argue with me and say they don’t need a lot of sleep but for most people - quality rest is good thing. I do know, personally, that if I work out too late, have a rich tomato-y and fatty dinner, drink caffeine late in the day … my sleep will be affected.  

Decluttering the mind is also important.  A good friend has talked about going on a “stuff” cleanse - clean out the house of unused stuff.  Myself?  I love a clean closet, an organized junk drawer, a house filled with only essential stuff, not closet/drawer filled with junk.  Same with the mind.  My coach says to clear the small stuff first - take care of the desk or closet and then move on to bigger items.  As you conquer the small tolerations - the fog starts to lift and you are able to get a handle on seeing life in a more clear way.  

Perhaps the answer is sleep, perhaps it’s coordination/accountability and cleanliness but until we clear up some of the minor things in life - we can’t be proactive on our bigger goals.  (this weekend is supposed to bring in dreadful weather - what a great time to declutter a room! … yay.) 

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