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Notes from Steve

September 27, 2021

I had some old salsa in my fridge that I thought was a little sour, but Jordan said “eh, its fine” so I ate it.  It was also bubbling a bit … I probably just got poisoned.  I’m monitoring the situation closely.  (On WebMD I’m searching “ptomaine poisoning” … and it says I may be dead within the hour, fyi…) 

It’s been said that a clean house makes for a sick kid - we need to eat the dirt.  I’m all for a great immune system.  I think about when I lay around on a Sunday and then get up to do something and it is so physically hard just to move, but then at other times I can go off and ride a bike for a week.  I think a machine or body needs to be constantly challenged, with movement and dirt and funky salsa.  (I used to brag that I didn’t eat fast food for about ten years or so and then i thought “without practice, if I had a big mac I’d probably stroke out; my system isn’t prepared”.  So now, fast food to me is medicinal.)

Look at this in a professional setting.  If we don’t practice adversity and the “what ifs” -- then we will be shocked when something foreign is introduced to our system.  This is why we have drills and mock disasters.  What if you incorporated this into your life?  For me, I plan on every time I go out on my bike - what is my plan if I get a flat tire?  I have extra tubes and I can YouTube how to change it, but I also tell people I am riding and which trail, and I have cash if I have to pay Uber if necessary.  Be prepared - my old scout motto.  

So practice and prepare for the worst.  Eat a little dirt, it’s good for you*.

*if you get sick, blame Jordan. 

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