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Notes from Steve

August 22, 2022

I’m reading this book called The Gap or the Gain.  I’m not really sure which is which, but the premise of the book is “what is our focus?” Do we live and appreciate the moment or are we always looking ahead to achieve some goal?  Well, the book says some of us are always moving the goalpost farther out in order to do better and not fully appreciating what we have currently.   If we are constantly moving the target to make it tougher and to gain more, in the end - we might be more successful - but are we living better?  

I think about retirement.  When dad was alive (mom had already passed), he used to say that he wished he would have enjoyed his retirement and traveled more with mom -- he said they missed out on so much.  Basically, he regretted it when it was too late.  I read in the book about lottery winners and rich people, and it said that they aren’t necessarily happier than non-lottery winners and people of average wealth.  The book said some of the very successful are focused on constantly seeking improvements to the point of never being able to reach their goals and ultimately, happiness.  

I’m guilty of this.  I used to brag that I plan out five potential outcomes to whatever scenario I’m in so I can be prepared.  Being prepared is good … sometimes.  If I am always headstrong and always charge forward without appreciating the current situation - I will never be completely happy.  I might be successful warding off the danger, but what have I missed??

Stop and smell the roses.  
Breathe and appreciate.  
Eat the cookie.  

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