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August 10, 2020

I made a blueberry pie this week.  I used 6 cups of blueberries.  (It’s really awesome and I don’t plan on sharing, so don’t ask.)  This time of year is so amazing with all the fresh fruits and vegetables.  Because of this and lots of pie and beer I’m attempting to diet.  People around here have had good luck with intermittent eating (eat 8 hours during the day and then stop until the next day).  I thought “ok, I can do this - no big deal” … well, it’s hard.  I was relating the difficulty of this to whoever would listen and one person said “awareness is the biggest thing.  Being conscious of an issue is the first step to recovery and healing.” 

Of course, I should know this.  I find myself constantly reshuffling my life’s deck chairs like understanding and realigning my priorities so as to avoid future issues (massive gut).  Thinking about this in all situations, personal and professional, it’s never a bad thing to be conscious and aware of how our thinking influences our actions and consequently, the future.

With the pandemic and shifts in how we work day to day, I’m feeling the need to revisit our standards of behavior.  Specifically, our culture and how we communicate.  So in leadership we’re reading a book now on creating a more positive culture.  Do we encourage people to communicate and participate by inspiration or threat?  I know with myself if I have to do something as opposed to wanting to do something, my motivation is entirely different. 

So as I’m realigning my priorities, I need to do so with a different attitude.  One that is not born out of fear of failure or loss but an attitude that looks forward to the reward - a positive and happy culture, a flat belly; a successful future. 

Engagement through joy and grace is a noble goal.

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