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August 3, 2020

Fairly decent chance things won’t be easing back to normal until spring of next year.  And, the one event I was looking forward to this fall was cancelled.  (… loud, guttural scream …)  I was telling someone that I crave the “boring, normal”.  “Well, that won’t happen so get over it” everybody says.

What if life doesn’t go back to “normal”?  I’m seeing a lot of videos pop up from “qualified” experts stating that what we are doing (masking, social distancing, utilizing proper meds that have been studied to help alleviate symptoms) is bunk.  People are saying this pandemic is a big ruse, a fabricated story, fake news. Please don’t buy into this.   Human nature dictates that when we don’t have a solution to a problem, we will make up our own answers or believe stories that sound plausible.  This always causes problems.  Be better.  Be patient.  (I’m really not good on either one of these fronts - I like drama, conspiracy theories are fun and I want it all now, not later; now.)

Reading through my past columns, I see that this topic is a trend with me.  It kind of feels like the same message, however, there is a difference.  The story for today is “Hang in there, you might not like the answer, but making it up or believing a non-credible* source is not a good thing.”  

Again, none of us like 2020.  But we have no choice, mask up, social distance and wait for a vaccine. 

*there are a lot of fact checking websites, it’s always good to research a story before sharing it.

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