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Notes from Steve

July 26, 2021

I’ve been walking my cat out into my yard the last couple of nights - holding her and walking around.  She didn’t indicate a need to get down and walk on her own - I can’t imagine that she has any desire.  I also imagine it’s all very interesting to her; up until now, she’s been viewing it through glass.  I think it’s kind of like when I run on the treadmill - people ask “why don’t you run outside?”  My thought is at the fitness center, I have a bathroom close, wifi and a TV … what does outside give me?  Only a chance to trip on a rut or a curb, rain, and bugs -- danger.  

Years ago my pastor told the story of someone in an ongoing flood getting visited by a bunch of different people as the waters rose around him and his house.  He kept pushing them away and saying “God will save me”.  The last of the rescuers tried to get him into the helicopter, and he replied “no thank you, God will save me”.  And he drown.  When he faced God in heaven he asked, why didn’t you save me?  God replied “I sent a car, a boat, and a helicopter - what more did you want?!?!”

I believe God provides us what we need.  Treadmills, glass doors, rescues, vaccines … I believe that I try to listen close and not impose my own will when given gifts.  I used to say loudly that treadmills weren’t for the real runners until I tripped during a rainstorm.  I fully expect that I will not be 100% successful in following the will of God, but I hope when I’m at the pearly gates, I won’t get scolded for imposing my will over His. 

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