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July 6, 2020

In late November or early December, I typically have my annual winter cough and I think it should last the requisite 10 days … but no, sometimes it gets worse after the ten days.  I think - “this is not fair, it’s supposed to go away after a week to ten days; NOT FAIR!”.  So America’s experience with the pandemic was supposed to wane and reduce in the past month, but looking at a lot of coastal and southern states, the incidence of covid19 positives are increasing big time.  We can call not fair, but did we (did I when I was sick?) do everything I was supposed to do?  Did I rest, wash my hands diligently, drink plenty of fluids and avoid people?  Probably not.  Did the affected states wear their masks, social distance, not crowd beaches, restaurants and public venues?  Probably not.

We are our own worst enemies. ALL THE TIME. “oh, I wish I could lose weight” - put down the bag of chips.  “I’m so tired” - go to bed earlier.  Someone once said that the angry person is probably angrier at themselves than who they place their anger upon.  The choices we make in life are ours to own - whether it’s how we choose to respond, our actions, our attitudes. 

Motivation is interesting.  We can use reverse psychology to motivate or simple manipulation or shame of losing or simple love.  We can love ourselves enough to do the things that will make our lives easier* (diet, exercise, sleep, choose friends wisely, make good decisions).  We can choose to love our community by our actions as well - all the stated activities (wash hands, mask, social distance) may not directly help us, but will help the community.  We can also use love and positive reinforcement to help change the outlook of those less positive.  Our collective life journey can be so much easier if we are all pulling in the same direction.

*I come upon people sometimes who just have the worst luck.  It seems a black cloud is always in their lives.  But it could be self-fulfilling as well - they could bring on the bad luck by the choices they make.  Just a thought.

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