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June 20, 2022

I asked my friend, Brian, what he thought of the January 6th insurrection trials … he said he wasn’t paying attention but “what about that Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial - that’s something huh??”.  (deep mournful sigh)  I remember as a 9 year old kid in May of 1973 listening to the Watergate trials.  It made an impact on me.  I’m not judging my friend Brian,* but we need to be aware of things like this.

“Really Steve?  Why - how does this impact my life?”  I’m not going to fight or debate the specifics … all I’m saying is it’s important to be aware.  There is this story told in church.  The pastor puts a couple of rocks in a jar and asks the kids if it’s full.  Some will say yes.  Then he’ll put pebbles in it and will fill spaces and then ask.  Some will say yes.  Then he’ll put sand in it and ask.  Some will say yes. Then he’ll add water and then … there is usually room.

Some of us are satisfied with the rocks filling our buckets when there is so much more room left.  There are big things happening that we should at least be aware of - we don’t need to have an opinion, but be conscious of events that may impact our lives.**   Ignoring weight gain, overdue bills, weird moles, increasing prices, inflation, or big political events doesn’t make for an informed life and the ability to make informed decisions.  

Be more aware.

*I actually am
**When my 1974 dodge dart made weird noises I just turned up the radio until one day the car just collapsed.  It was then too late to fix what was wrong.

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