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Notes from Steve

June 22, 2020

Someone said the world was in chaos right now.  I agree.  The normal world before was a fast moving machine - creaking and wobbling but moving.  I picture a train moving fast and almost out of control.  With Covid19 - we as a world were forced to slow down (stop) and rest.  Like nap time in kindergarten, and now we’ve rested and we’re restless.  This pandemic has forced us to see ourselves as we have never seen ourselves before … it has forced communication and it has forced us to study our relationships (personal/profession/community). 

Ok, so I’m sure everyone has a different perspective and opinion on the protests and rioting.  The lesson that I’m trying to see and understand from a 30,000 foot perspective is that issues in America are still present, and we are not as perfect as we would like to think we are.  Solution?  I don’t know.  But I do know that huge doses of compassion, patience, and a willingness to learn and listen will go far. 

My personal angst feels like chewing on tinfoil or a constant buzz of TV static in the background.  But … I’m anticipating good things.  I’m getting ready to wake up from the aforementioned kindergarten nap and take on the world refreshed, with a new perspective. 

My new perspective?  Well, it’s all about patience and listening.  With the pandemic, love enough to social distance and mask yourself.  With the protests, love enough to understand all sides.  Our opinions (“pandemic is a hoax, I’m not wearing a mask” or whatever on the protests) are not helpful … We need to be quiet, be patient and “love thy neighbor as thyself*” as much and as hard as we can.  This, too will pass; let’s make sure we learn as much as can.


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