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Notes from Steve

June 21, 2021

I wasn’t feeling good last night, but what made me feel 100% better this morning was someone saying this illness was going around and they had it last week. That was the best news.  I had come to the conclusion last night that it was probably fatal, and I proceeded to plan the meal at my funeral.  (Fried chicken and mac and cheese, my recipe*.)   My focus on funerals was probably because my friend, Vi, passed away last week just shy of her 93rd birthday.  She was a force - a sharp tongued, scotch drinking leader who scared me.  Her service had a lot of her daughters and granddaughters telling stories about her desires to manifest a sharp dressed world of strong female leaders. 

Do you ever wonder what your legacy will be?  I would like to think that I changed the world a little bit … however; I don’t expect a library to be named after me (that’d be nice though).  We had senior leadership deep dive today and we talked about the concept of the legacy.  How can we, as an organization make the changes necessary to be the best in the world regarding - place to work, practice and receive care?  It won’t be easy but it’s possible, and as I told Dr. Whitters 20 years ago - someone has to be the best, might as well be us.

So, we manifest our legacy and collective destiny.   Basically, we take our ideas of “best” and put them into practice.  Through aggressiveness, transparency, and old style “Red Rover” (interlocking arms to strengthen our forces) we will achieve!  Does it scare anyone a little bit?!?  It should. 

*sharp cheddar cheese, Velveeta, a little bit of mustard and Worcestershire sauce … and big macaroni cooked in chicken broth

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