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June 15, 2020

“Maria Van Kerkhove, World Health Organization's technical lead for coronavirus response and head of its emerging diseases and zoonoses unit, said during a media briefing in Geneva on Monday that "it still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual."

But then on Tuesday, during the live Q&A, she clarified "this is a major unknown."

Hmm … well this statement just caused a bunch of concern.  People were saying and commenting on social media that “we have nothing to worry about” -- when in actuality - we have a LOT still to worry about.  I was in Okoboji riding my bike this past weekend and was dismayed to see the massive lack of social distancing and non-mask wearing individuals.  Yeesh people, we should know by now that we, in Iowa are always behind the curve, what was popular and hip a while ago elsewhere, takes sometimes a long time to catch our attention - same with Covid19!  Just because NYC and the coast are relaxing and getting back to normal, doesn’t mean we should.  Vigilance in the face of danger!

Easy to say, not easy to do though.  As the weather shifts into summer, our natural tendencies are towards social activities.  To me it feels like the adult version of “are we there yet?” We all want to, in the worst way, live our lives again.  Trust me - I’m there with you. No one likes to wear masks, no one likes to social distance …

So as much as leaders want to allay the fears of the masses - in this world of woe and conflict, patience and grace need to prevail.  For us - Iowans - now is the time for greatest precaution.  Please stay safe and do what you need to in order to remain healthy.  This won’t be forever. 

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