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June 14, 2021

A friend of mine and I were talking about vaccinations yesterday.  She said five players of a basketball team tested positive for Covid but had already had the vaccination.  They exhibited no symptoms.  She said that those who got the vaccine might very well be a carrier for the virus, but if infected, it (for the most part) probably won’t affect them … but it may affect those who aren’t vaccinated.  This was a light bulb moment for me.  

According to the experts, masks are not necessary for vaccinated people to stay healthy (again, for the most part - chances are very slim that they will be affected significantly).  And because of this, I and a lot of vaccinated others - don’t and probably won’t wear the mask outside of the hospital … but … if you are not vaccinated and you get Covid - there is a chance that you will get sick, potentially very sick.  And I know a lot of people - unvaccinated - who aren’t really keen on wearing masks.  

I was talking to a provider yesterday who was talking about those with long term lung damage and “foggy brain” from patients who had Covid.  “It’s no joke - a sore arm for a couple of days from getting the shot, versus long term brain or lung damage? It should be an easy choice.”

I can’t tell anyone to get vaccinated.  I hope, though, that if they aren’t - they are protecting themselves with wearing a mask.  I probably won’t be wearing one* but I, (for the most part) am protected.

*outside of the hospital

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