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June 1, 2020

“I feel rudderless” was my thought this morning regarding my life (the rudder is what steers the boat - no rudder - no directional ability).  Not sure if you recognize this about me, but I’m the type of person who craves a plan.  Even though I say I like change, if I’m not the one coming up with the idea (or thinking that I’m the one who came up with the idea) then I’m majorly apprehensive about its success.  Specifically, this new pandemic environment makes planning really hard. 

A friend said I seemed anxious.  I said “anxious” wasn’t it … it was more like the feeling of being lost as a kid - just that odd, awkward feeling.  Plans upended and life on hold is not a good place to be.  Slowly but surely life is restarting though.  I went to a restaurant in downtown Des Moines last Friday and Monday, a bike ride and stopped for burgers and beers.  The experiences were close but not quite what they used to be … is this what will future normal will look like?    

It’s all right to feel lost and rudderless and anxious and whatever you are feeling because these are weird times.  Today, it’s normal to feel not normal.  Regardless of what the future looks like, we need to get good with it.  “Why do we need to get good with it??” because bucking reality doesn’t last.  It leads to frustration, anxiety and being angry all the time and that is no way to live. 

So give yourself time and space.  Give yourself grace and make a plan as to how get into the groove with future normal.  Learn zoom (both audio and visual and mute when appropriate), love face masks, social distancing and have patience with others.  The New Normal is pretty much here … be ready.

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