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May 11, 2020

There are a lot of “camps” of people and their perspective towards Covid19 -- return to “normal”; continued isolation; rioting in some areas … bleh and yeesh.  Personally I feel like I just got my driver’s permit and I’m looking to take a trip on the interstate highway during rush hour.  Just a queasy feeling between “I’ve got this” and “OMG I’m going to die”.  

There is no right answer and there is no right or wrong emotion.  I keep telling people to look to the month of May as both transformational and transitional*.  In Iowa, as many other states across the country, we are moving slowly but surely in opening back up but there is a strong probability with more open access there will be more virus spread.  The big question is the cost of not opening verses the increased spread.  Everyone has their own perspective -- no one is right and no one is wrong.  That’s hard to hear and respect because we like to think we are right.

AND in that we like to think we are right, in periods of heightened anxiety we are also quicker to judge and opine/debate on whatever … because we have the time.  But on the other side, we are also quick to get offended.  Case in point, someone sent me a bag of M&M’s that had the message on the front “Have a Great Day - pretending - to work!!”  My reaction was at first “what? I’m working … I’m offended!” then I ate the M&M’s and all was right in the world. 

Bottom line, eat the M&M’s without reservation.  Understand people are concerned about opening society because they have no income and need to work.  Know that people have compromised immune systems or are concerned about contracting the virus and want to stay away or inside.  Respect boundaries, wear the mask, wash your hands … and show compassion and keep your sense of humor.  Laughter and love from a distance will get us through this. 

*(and maybe June, July and August as well … ?)

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