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April 26, 2018

I saw some guy’s professional photo, and it looked like someone told him bad news.  It was more of a “I just accidently drank sour milk” photo.  They have this thing called retakes.  In this world of millions of selfies, there is no excuse – practice the look man, practice!

I wish we could have a redo on spring.  (“Steve, enjoy the beautiful weather now, don’t complain about last week.”)  I know, no use crying over spilt milk*.  I need to max out my springtime antics.  I’m not sure what this means, but I picture a lot of rolling around and skipping.  I’ll probably just settle on smiling more.  I wrote about seasonal affective disorder a couple of weeks ago and it is a real thing.  It was very apparent in attitudes I came across in the last month.  Spontaneous arguing, tears for no real reason, shrillness … it was kind of scary … (for the record, this wasn’t just me, I did witness this in others).

How to go forward?  My friend Craig, the sage, always said “it is what it is”.  Yep, life is starting again – I swore at a pesky fly yesterday and then thanked God I had that opportunity (because honestly, I never thought winter would end this year.)  Let’s appreciate the warmth.  Let’s celebrate by sloughing off the ills of the past couple of months and roll around and maybe skip.  Let’s momentarily celebrate the flies.  There are so many opportunities to rejoice in goodness – don’t let the fog of the past ruin the beauty of the future.

*milk is obviously a big deal today …

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