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March 30, 2020

There is this TV show on Netflix  called Stranger Things - kind of like Goonies from 1985 … but for today (doesn’t matter).  Anyway, in this show there was this alternative reality called The Upside Down*.  It was dark and spooky and it feels a lot of what we are experiencing right now.  We are experiencing a reality that - even though we would all love and crave for a quick ending - may last for awhile.  I keep wanting and praying for an earlier rather than later solution but then I see that self isolation and limiting contact with others could help to flatten the curve.  Flattening the curve means less sick, less hospitalized and less death.  As hard (really hard) as this is - self isolation (leading to less death) in my book is a necessary thing.  

“What are you doing Steve??”  I’m on conference calls all day.  I’m writing and doing videos and I’m also picking up my guitar again and playing.  I’m considering cleaning closets (I’m not that bored yet though).  When the weather gets nicer - I’m planning on riding my bike (solo).  So far, I’m grooving and doing well.  Please, if you are struggling, drop me an email ( or message me on Facebook messenger and we’ll chat … maybe you can come over and clean out my closets or rake my yard.

Our new reality.  I wrote yesterday on staying relevant - our purpose, our reason, our jobs (not work jobs, our life jobs).  Human nature dictates we need purpose, we need to feel that we are of value.  Amy told me - in my isolation b/c of travel outside the state - that my job is to isolate.  My purpose, even if I don’t have the virus (I may have been exposed … we all may have exposed at some point, who knows??) is to stay away for the 14 days.   We are all relevant in our own ways; some parent, some isolate, some work on the front lines (thank you!), some talk and motivate or listen or offer sage advice … never for one moment question your relevance.  You are all important in your individual way.  Please know this.  

*(Or like going through Alice’s looking glass from Alice in Wonderland)

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