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Notes from Steve

March 23, 2020

I’m writing this on Thursday morning, and it comes out on Monday so I hesitate putting anything about the pandemic because it’ll be out of date, and I’ll look at it and think … what the heck?  So, other stuff.  

My forever foster cat eats only rotisserie chicken, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Brothers Market in Clarion lowered their price by 3 dollars per bird.  I thought it was a virus special … nope; I met the new head guy there last night and he said he dropped prices on most everything.  This was great news to me.  It was supposed to happen, just happened to coincide with the pandemic.  (no toilet paper though)

I was in Texas for the last five days.  I drove with some friends who refuse to fly - whenever and wherever.  Pam, one of my friends, refuses to set foot on any plane - it was about 40 hours in the car but in retrospect it was a good thing.  These people have been my close friends since birth. We laughed a ton and basically sat on a patio and played the guitar, sang and hung out in the hills of Texas.  Pam almost pushed me out of the car because I listened to the news most of the time.  I told her that the driver gets to choose the radio station so I drove most of the forty hours. 

About 15 years ago I moved my washer and dryer in my house.  The people redoing my house forgot to hook up the drain pipe to my washing machine so I basically flooded my basement.  Basically, my stuff in the basement was ruined, and I had to throw a lot of the “stuff” I stored; it was the best house cleaning I ever went through.  I’ve told people since, that sometimes you need a flood to help clean up the unnecessary clutter in your life.  I look at this pandemic as potentially refocusing our priorities - improving our communications, forcing compromise, and checking our angst, anger and priorities.  What’s important? What’s really important?  What’s possible and when push comes to shove, how fast can we do what’s necessary and what we’ve been attempting to for a while?  

FYI, I’m amazed what you were all able to do in the few days I was gone.  You absolutely rock!!

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