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March 14, 2022

“You don’t go to Chuck E. Cheese for the pizza”

If you missed the March Meltdown party on Friday March 4th … you missed a lot.  It was epic -- beyond epic -- I don’t know how to describe it; everyone was smiling and laughing and dancing and enjoying each other’s company like never before.  We, collectively, needed this.  We needed to get together as the family we are and celebrate each other.  And we did.  

I once told a group of leaders that if any of their employees were working here just for the paycheck or just because it was close to where they lived … they shouldn’t be working here.  “Huh?” was the response.  If someone is only working for the money and doesn’t really care about engagement - they’ll leave if they get a better offer somewhere else without hesitation.  First - we always strive to pay fairly and have good benefits (etc.) but secondly (and I always say this in orientation) is that Iowa Specialty Hospitals and Clinics has to have highly engaged employees; meaning you have to like who you work with and where you work. This is way more important because it is about pride and ownership.  

I want to work somewhere where I know people care about me.  I want to work somewhere where I laugh daily and argue fiercely because I care about how the organization changes and grows.  I want to work somewhere that cheers each other on, and cries with me and supports me when I’m down or sick.  I want to dance with my friends.  

Thank you, everyone, for collectively celebrating our wins.  Thank you … thank you … thank you.

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