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February 17, 2020

I like to think that I have original, way creative thoughts. When I put my pants on today - I was devastated to find that my original tattoo was emblazoned on the inside of my zipper of my pants. (… long mournful sigh …) Yes, I bought the pants before I had the tattoo and I just realized this. 

Everything has been done before. I find myself harkening back to the “good old days” and saying “well, we did that before and this was the outcome … blah blah blah.” If I was to look at me from someone else’s perspective I’d think “hang it up old man, it’s a new day - it might have a different outcome.” Totally, and I have to stop doing this because it’s a buzzkill (like finding your tattoo is printed on the inside of your pants, someone else had the idea before.

I think we need to clean our search history*. Start over and look at the world in a fresh way. Resist the urge to pontificate on why it won’t work (because it didn’t work in 2004) or be devastated because someone had your idea first (…tattoo)**. Be happy with creative ideas whether you’ve tried them before or not. Life would be a boring useless void if we threw out everything that has been done before.

*always a good idea.

**(fyi - there is a very small chance your idea is original - get over it)

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